1) Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.

Company Name Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering

Dates Employed Aug 2012 – Present

Employment Duration 6 yrs 5 mos

Location University of Mumbai, Mumbai Area, India


Instructor for Bachelors and Masters Degree Program in the branch of Electronics and telecommunication

Master Degree Program: Statistical Signal Analysis, Digital Signal Processing
Bachelors Degree Program: Random Signal Analysis, Image Processing to name a few


2) Session Chairperson

Company Name INDIACom – 2016

Employment Dates 16th – 18th March 2016

Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, India


The special session on Video Processing and Visual Communications targets a gamut of high-tech as well as emerging articles that address the broad challenges in both theoretical and application aspects of video processing. Video processing today forms the core crux in diverse applications such as in this session thus encapsulates all facets of video and information processing including recognition, classification, communication, communications, computing, modeling, security, and implementation, with applications to science, engineering, and social areas. We anticipate attracting a large number of high-quality submissions and stimulating cutting-edge research discussions among academic founding researchers/scientists in the field of video processing from all across the globe. The singular nature of this session serves as a podium for demonstrating real-time, on-field algorithms and serves as a catalyst to provide a critical appreciation of radical research.


3) Company Name Manipal Global Education Services Total Duration 7 mos

  • Title Subject Matter Expert (SME)
    Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Jul 2012
    Employment Duration 7 mos
    Location Bengaluru Area, India

    Design, develop and present Technical Course Content for Sikkim Manipal University for Electronics, 
    Electronics & Telecommunications and Computer-based subjects in accordance with their prescribed syllabus and requirements.
    The course and curriculum design are interactive, contemporary and in and in sync with industry requirements.



  • Title Expert – Technical Video-Based content learning
    Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Jul 2012
    Employment Duration 7 mos
    Location Bengaluru Are, India


    Video Content Delivery for Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunications and Computer Courses.

4) Teaching Associate

Company Name Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Dates Employed Jan 2008 – Jul 2012

Employment Duration 4 yrs 7 mos

Location Department of Electrical Engineering


Efficient management of Wadhwani Electronics Lab, Digital Communication LAB (EE 340) and Digital Processing Lab (EE 210) with proficiency in the subjects of VLSI Design (EE 670), Digital Design ( EE 221) and Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits (EE 101) for which I was a course TA.

5) Senior Technical Consultant

Company Name Blue Star Infotech

Dates Employed 2008 – 2009

Employment Duration 1 yr

Location Mumbai Area, India


Implemented new Algorithms, providing R&D solutions for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)detection in CT Angiography for an UK based advanced visualization organization.

Successful setup and Solutions for Interactive segmentation of abdominal aortic aneurysms in CTA images.